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December Daily - 13

  • Layle Koncar Dec Daily 2013 - Day 21 back
    It's hard to believe this is my 6th year making a December Daily album. So excited to dig in!

December Daily - 12

  • Layle Koncar Dec Daily 2013 - Day 25 clue
    Year 5 for me with December Daily, love doing it every year - here we go!

December Daily - 11

  • Book closed
    Ahh, December Daily! So excited to participate again this year. Hard to believe this is year number 4 for me. I've really enjoyed looking back at the past 3 years books to get motivated to jump in again this year!

December Daily - 10

  • Back inside cover
    2010 December Daily Mini Book On Day 2 of this year's book, Jack, my 13 year old son, said to me "I'm glad you're making one of those books again this year mom, they're really cool". Makes it totally worth it when all is said and done!

December Daily - 09

  • Table of Contents
    Inspired again this year by Ali's December Daily project!

December Daily - 08

  • Dec 19a
    Inspired by Ali Edward's 'December Daily' project. Learn more at http://aliedwards.typepad.com/_a_/december-daily-album-2008.html.

Listers Gotta List - April

  • Cover
    A super fun, easy & creative challenge I'm participating in called Listers Gotta List, brainchild of Cori, The Reset Girl. Get all of the details on http://listersgottalist.com. Follow me on instagram - @laylekoncar - to see my daily lists as I complete them!